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Here we go.

Your middle name?
It's danger.

Your favorite flower?
It'll be the one I give you when I realize that I am completely and stupidly in love with you. It won't be something that you'll expect. It won't be much at all. That will make it much more special.

Your answers?
It doesn't matter where you look. You'll believe what you want, because you're that sort of girl.

I'm so afraid of you that I feel the need to defend myself.

I'm so afraid of myself because you're right.

And I admit, you are a bit of a crazy.

...Is your middle name Marie?

there are things you just doby EmoSunshineMuffin

Scraps©2010-2014 EmoSunshineMuffin
Nurzy Featured By Owner May 26, 2010
that about an actual girl?
loverz116 Featured By Owner May 18, 2010
marie is a common middle name. ^_^
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